Achieving Flow

Align the Mind

Step One: Turn on airplane mode. Put your favorite playlist ON. Set your hands in motion.

Activate your Flow-State

Step Two: Start with the square shaped puzzle piece in the center. Take your time or lose sense of time. Breathe, finish now or finish later. Average estimated time: 20 minutes.

Channel your Wave

Step Three: Raise the vibration and tune into desired frequency. Reclaim the rest of your day!

It's a vibe.

by the people
“Perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing puzzles.”
“Designed to help you clear your head and sharpen your mind.”
"Challenging, dizzying, and just plain beautiful. Sure to delight."
The Waves Puzzle challenge
The Waves Puzzle challenge
make every day count
Today's research suggests that flow states may be linked to increased levels of happiness, satisfaction, and self-actualization. achieving flow-state can help regulate mood and emotion, and inspire greater creative and artistic pursuits.

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