Waves Puzzle First Edition
Waves Puzzle First Edition
Iridescent Waves Puzzle
The original translucent jigsaw puzzle designed by architect Benjamin Sachs. Difficulty level: medium-high. 49 color changing pieces, one psychedelic experience. Can you solve it?
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Find your flow
Ease the spirit.
Maintain your mind. Puzzling helps sharpen your focus, increase memory retention, and supports confidence.
Play all day.
Puzzle and unplug. Studies show puzzles can reduce stress hormones and provide anxiety relief.
Workout the mind.
A creative challenge you can play all day. Practice puzzling through a hidden lesson in geometry.
Alone together
Alone together
Summer is here!
Let's get together, puzzle and chill.
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All play. All day.
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“The trendiest coolest puzzle of 2021.”
“Designed to help you clear your head and sharpen your mind.”
“Perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing puzzles.”

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