Our Mission

Founded by social entrepreneur Cristina Ainoa and architect Benjamin Sachs, Waves Puzzle is a small woman-led business whose team consists of a diverse group of creative individuals.

Unified by a desire to reclaim the human potential, we created Waves Puzzle--a puzzle company designed to help you find your flow state.

Flow is the state of mind in which you're fully and energetically absorbed in a singular activity, a state of consciousness in which redundant distractions fade into the background. In many cases, we discover the most creative aspects of ourselves through a state of flow. Thanks to its minimalistic design, Waves can help you sidestep tech and the stressors of work-life to help achieve a rejuvenating, restorative state of mind.

Waves is more than a puzzle. It's a recollection to an ancient pastime. It's a call to action for your curiosity. It's a ritual. It's a practice.

So come play with us, and channel your wave.

Yours in flow,
Ben and Cristina

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