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Waves Puzzle Co. was founded by architect Benjamin Sachs and artist and social entreprenuer, Cristina Ainoa. Through their common interest in architecture, social anthropology and interpersonal wellness, they decided to make some puzzles!

They are very light-hearted and casual business people who hope that Waves puzzling can enrich the lives of people from all walks of life!

Cristina Ainoa was born in Miami, Florida and is a first generation American. She studied music, acting, improvisation and story-telling in New York and Los Angeles, and has worked between New York, Los Angeles, London and Spain. Her background is in business, psychology, political advocacy and fine arts. Cristina is co-founder and ceo for Waves Puzzle Co. 

Benjamin Sachs was born in Nashville, Tennessee and studied architecture at Yale undergrad. He also earned a Masters in Architecture at Yale. Before co-founding Waves he worked at architecture firms designing a terra cotta skyscraper in New York, new conceptual projects for Zaha Hadid in London and groundbreaking houses with Belzberg Architects in Los Angeles. Benjamin is puzzle designer and cfo for Waves Puzzle Co. 

They are passionate about a counter culture which supports reflection and togetherness rather than busyness and perfectionism. Together they are excited to find new ways to interact with this playful, ancient pastime and reintroduce the art of puzzling!

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