By Kevin Rivera

Can a Puzzle a Day Transform Your Life?

There are plenty of self-help books out there with wonderful promises. Are they true? Maybe.

Can making a habit of solving a puzzle help you live a better life?

We believe so.

Engaging in puzzle therapy is a great way to combat mental stress and give you a break from the stressors in life. It's more than just participating in some sort of leisurely activity, it's about actively engaging one's brain and really taking a break from the stressors of our day-to-day lives. This in turn increases our mindfulness.

This increase of mindfulness can be seen in all areas of life. It opens the path for a change in perspective, to see things you previously had seen, now in a different light. Sometimes it's hard for people to see what is best for them, but with puzzles this doesn't have to be so difficult. You can solve a puzzle and have your mind break through the muddy water and find clarity which you didn't before.

The best part is that the more you do this, the easier it will become for you to focus while being in a rejuvenating state of mind. You'll become a lot clearer in a lot of things. Not only will it help you in your job, but it may be a way into a healthier relationship with others. It may sound silly, but puzzling is similar to meditation. If you're actively practicing mindfulness, then there are less surprises when it comes to conflicts in relationships. They can bring a new perspective on life and help you to see what is really important. We created Waves Puzzle for this very purpose. What began as yoga for the mind, evolved into helping others find their flow to channel into the many aspects of our lives.

Honestly, you don't have to take our word for it. See for yourself! Give our puzzle a try everyday and see if you notice any changes in your life. You got this.


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