Waves Puzzle Hints

Like many things in life, the Waves Puzzle has more than one possible solution!

Aside from the solution pictured on the box, the challenges below show the many other ways you can try to solve your puzzle! Try another when you feel like exploring other geometric possibilities!

Tag us @wavespuzzle on IG with your solutions!

Box Solution

Complete the 49-piece square with a square center piece. Stumped?! Step-by-step is here.


Combine two or more Waves Puzzle colors to create your own intricate patterns.


Make a 3x3 square with a square center piece, 9 pieces total.


Make a 5x5 square with a square center piece, 25 pieces total.

Secrets Secrets...

Find the secret second solution using all 49-pieces keeping the square piece at the center.


Make a 49-piece square but shift the square piece off center.


Get the Waves Puzzle Expansion Pack and connect all 5 Waves Puzzles together using the pink corner connectors. There are multiple ways to do this, and you will have a few pieces leftover. What configuration uses the most total pieces possible? (nerd alert.)

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